Solace Therapeutics is a growing startup company focused on women’s health,
an enormous and underserved segment of our population.

The Solace Therapeutics team comprises talented individuals with extensive experience solving difficult medical problems. We debate amongst each other and collectively support the best solution to problems regardless of where it came from. Solace employees love a challenge and enjoy proving the naysayers wrong. The team is quick to react and embraces a “fail-fast” approach to learn quickly and to ensure undue time and expense is not wasted. Our sense of urgency is akin to pulling 3G’s with your hair on fire. We hedge our bets and create contingency plans to support very aggressive timelines and milestones.

The company subscribes to the philosophy of “measure what matters”. We have adopted the principles of “objectives and key results” which support our corporate milestones. This ensures that each employee’s daily work is focused on helping the team to achieve the corporate vision of becoming the most admired medical device company for its people, products and service. This philosophy of quarterly goal-setting and monthly review of key results ensures each employee has great communication with their manager, with timely feedback provided on a regular basis. It’s the same reason we don’t provide annual performance reviews which tend to focus on things that happened six months ago.

While all of this sounds fast-paced and grueling, we enjoy having fun and expect our employees to have a life outside of work. You see, our purpose of “helping people live happy” applies to our employees as well. We subscribe to the work hard, play hard mentality. Every new employee starts with three-weeks of vacation in addition to national holidays. We are flexible and don’t like punching a clock. We are more focused on getting the job done rather than counting butts in seats at 8 AM.

If you are just looking for a paycheck, Solace Therapeutics is not the place for you. We are different. We expect a lot from each other and because of that, everyone tries very hard to help the collective team. You won’t hear the words “that’s not my job” here. We all do whatever it takes to make sure the team crosses the finish line together. Sometimes it’s messy, hard and stressful, yes. But it’s also fun and rewarding as hell!

Our job openings are always changing so you are encouraged to check back to see if we are looking for someone with your skills.

Here is a list of our
current openings:

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The Vesair Balloon Delivery System is not currently available in the U.S. It is for investigational use only.

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