Solace’s products are based on a proprietary technology that addresses an underlying cause of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), voiding dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS); the inability of the bladder to store urine during normal everyday physical activities without sudden increases in pressure. The reduction in tissue elasticity, sometimes referred to as compliance, can result in significant and rapid increases in pressure within the bladder. Solace’s technology adds compliance to the bladder, reducing these rapid pressure changes.

Solace’s first product is an investigational non-surgical alternative to involuntary urinary leakage. The product is a small, lightweight device (about the size of a quarter) that floats within the urinary bladder. The balloon is designed to eliminate or reduce involuntary urinary leakage. It acts as a “shock absorber” to reduce the temporary pressure changes in the bladder that cause urinary leakage.

With Solace Balloon
Without Solace Balloon

The Solace Balloon procedure is performed in the physician’s office. No fasting, medication or preparation is required before the procedure. The physician places the Solace Balloon into the bladder through the urethra using a soft, tube-like catheter. Pressure reduction is immediate.

More than 18 patents have been issued covering Solace’s core technology and its applications. Additional patents are pending.

For investigational use only.